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Retrieving and parsing data from could require more time than expected, so a cache could be helpful to avoid parsing already required URLs and speedup service operations.

The Cache interface

The org.nnsoft.sameas4j.cache.Cache interface describes the easiest way to store and retrieve objects, given a org.nnsoft.sameas4j.cache.CacheKey instance.

The sameas4j package comes with an easy in-memory based implementation class that simply stores and retrieve objects from a memory based LRU cache.

Plugging the Cache into SameAsService

Very easy! Once obtained the org.nnsoft.sameas4j.SameAsService instance, just set the org.nnsoft.sameas4j.cache.Cache instance:

SameAsService service = DefaultSameAsServiceFactory.createNew();
service.setCache( new InMemoryCache() );