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Welcome to Rocoto!

Rocoto is a small collection of reusable Modules for Google Guice to make easier the task of loading java.util.Properties by reading configuration files.

Rocoto is one of the most spicy pepper in South America, very popular in Peru and well known since the age of Incas... it adds some spice to Google Guice through configuration files!

Before starting

Rocoto is available on the Maven Central repo, you just need to add the dependency below in your pom.xml file:



A big Thank You goes to: Daniel Manzke, thanks to his suggestion under the user point of view, helped me making the new Rocoto design much more flexible; Marzia Forli, for testing and bug reporting; Stuart McCulloch for priceless suggestions for the design; Ioannis Canellos for making Rocoto as a valid OSGi bundle.

This work is dedicated to our city, L'Aquila, destroyed by a terrible earthquake the 6th April, 2009... That day more than 300 people were killed because buildings collapsed after a magnitudo 6.3 earthquake at 3:32 am.

We'll never forget that episode.